At Prince George Christian Church we invite you to join us to see, know and worship your very real, very loving and very Good Creator.

We’d like to help you know God for who He really is – that He is good, that He is true, that He is love, and that He wants you to know Him. God desires to speak clearly to you. He wants to guide you. He wants to heal you in every way – physically, spiritually, and emotionally. And He wants to give you an endless supply of joy.

Jesus warned us that this life isn’t easy, but He also promised us that He would always be with us, that there is a life yet to come – a life He wants you to start experiencing right now. He will bring you through trials, He will rescue you from despair and He will give you hope – and we know for certain that God’s hope does not disappoint us.

This is just a taste of who God is and why we worship Him. Our purpose is to do all that we can to help you know this God better. So come on over and join us in experiencing life as God intended.