Between the Living and the Dead

Guest speaker Jeff McMillen on Numbers 16: God judges Korah and his followers.

Gideon’s Report

Guest speaker Chris Neals reports on the Gideons.

Seeking Spirited Submission

Guest preacher Daniel Anderson on Ephesians and living in the Spirit.

Christianity 101 – Spiritual Gifts: Prophecy

After four weeks of preparation, Pastor Wayne begins discussing spiritual gifts. First up is the gift of prophecy. Download sermon notes.

Christianity 101 – Spiritual Gifts (Part 4)

Similar to the preparation involved in buying a gift for someone, Pastor Wayne continues preparing for Spiritual Gifts. Download sermon notes.

Christianity 101 – Spiritual Gifts (Part 3)

Pastor Wayne further discusses the need for humility in using spiritual gifts. Download Sermon Notes.

Christianity 101 – Spiritual Gifts (Part 2)

What is the starting point for spiritual gifts? Pastor Wayne explores the building blocks of working for God’s glory in this continuation of the Christianity 101 series. Download Sermon Notes

Christianity 101 – Spiritual Gifts (Part 1)

Pastor Wayne begins a new sub-series giving a basic introduction to spiritual gifts. Download sermon notes.

Christianity 101 – The Mystery Man

Pastor Wayne explores the identity of Jesus in the ongoing Christianity 101 Series. Download sermon notes.

Christianity 101 – Prayer (Part 5)

Finishing up – but not with – Prayer.