Easter Meditation

A reflection on the life of Jesus, his death, and his return to life.

Is It Really A Big Deal?

2009 Easter Sunrise Service

King for a Day

Pastor Wayne speaks about Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem, and about you making Jesus the King of your life.

Manesseh and Me

Pastor Wayne looks at the lives of King Hezikiah and King Manesseh and the power of God to deliver those in slavery to sin.

Christianity 101 – Prayer (Part 4)

The Christianity sub-series on prayer continues as Pastor Wayne discusses the what, when and how we should pray.

Christianity 101 – Prayer (Part 3)

Pastor Wayne discusses “The Four P’s of Prayer” in the continuing Christianity 101 series.

Christianity 101 – Prayer (Part 2)

Pastor Wayne delves deeper into the practice and importance of prayer.

Christianity 101 – Prayer (Part 1)

Continuing the Christianity 101 Series, Pastor Wayne begins a mini-series on prayer.

Christianity 101 – Four Steps to Avoid Growing Old

Pastor Wayne continues the Christianity 101 series with a sermon on maintaining spiritually healthy lives.

Christianity 101 – Why We Sing

Guest speaker and songwriter Jason Burton continues the Christianity 101 Series.