Programs & Curriculum

Prince George Christian Preschool has a five-day program and a three-day program. The minimum ages are four years-old for the five-day program, and three years-old for the three-day program. Your child must meet the minimum age requirement by September 30 as per guidelines set by the Prince George County School District. All children must be fully toilet-trained.

Hours of Operation

School hours for all classes are from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. The three year-old class meets Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The four year-old class meets Monday through Friday.

Number of Students

The student-teacher ratio has been set by the School Board at a maximum of 10:1.


Our curriculum is original and Biblically-based. It is designed to prepare the children to work independently as well as in group situations. We stress the importance of taking turns, sharing, and cooperation, as well as listening to and following directions from the teachers.

A sampling of our curriculum would include:
1. Story time
2. Health habits
3. Number concepts
4. Music and rhythms
5. Bible memorization
6. Creative arts and crafts
7. Group and individual activities
8. Daily prayer and/or Bible story
9. Science and social studies activities
10. Age appropriate readiness activities
11. Diversified indoor and outdoor play
12. Introduction to letters and their sounds
13. Introduction to American Sign Language
14. Introduction to the Spanish language (4-year-old class)